Liturgical Ministries

Our Sunday Liturgies hold for us our greatest concern. “The Liturgy is the outstanding means by which the faithful can express in their lives, and manifest to others, the mystery of Christ and the real nature of the true Church.” (Constitutions on the Sacred Liturgy 2) and the Mass is our “Visible Sacrifice, such as the nature of man requires, that would represent the bloody sacrifice offered once on The Cross, and perpetuate its memory to the end of time. (Encyclical on The Sacred Liturgy 67).

There is presently one Saturday evening Mass and four Sunday Masses. One Mass is in English, and other in French and Creole. There is also a 5PM Sunday Mass in Twi. In our Sunday Liturgies, there is much need for development.

“Servers, Lectors, Commentators, and members of the choir exercise a genuine liturgical function…consequently they must all be deeply imbued with the Spirit of the liturgy, each in His own measure, and they must be trained to perform their functions, in a correct and orderly manner” (Constitution on The Sacred Liturgy 29)

The Eucharistic Ministers meet on the second Monday of every month.

We are in the process of searching for a full-time liturgical Minister who would re-establish the Liturgy Committee, coordinate all our services, and train and encourage all our people and leaders. Our present Liturgical groups include and English and French choir, Eucharistic Ministers, Ushers, Altar Servers, and a growing group of Lectors. All these liturgical servants and ministers are to be complimented for their generosity and dedication. Our greatest need is for more volunteers and support.